Data Analyst, Writer & Leader

Niesha Ham-McMillian is an experienced Data Analyst with a background working in the marketing industry. She is skilled in Market and Product Research, Technical and Contract Writing, Underwriting, Data Review, Risk & Compliance and Fraud Investigation. A strong career professional with a Master of Arts Degree in Journalism Niesha is a highly motivated professional who pays very close attention to detail.

She is accustomed to producing top quality results; has the ability to work in a fast paced environment; and can make decisions quickly and independently with minimal escalations. Niesha seamlessly meets challenges and deadlines with punctuality. When it comes down to technology, she is proficient in various programs and certified in others.

A joy to be around, the incumbent is comfortable interacting with diverse levels of any company and the public.

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In addition to those great things, Niesha enjoys reading, writing and traveling. She's been to several countries and enjoys living and dining with the locals to fully immerse in different cultures.

As a community leader, Niesha hosts several charitable events annually and partnered with several businesses.

  • 30 for 30 Canned Food Drive with Harvest Hope Food Bank.

  • Build a Bag Workshop School Supply Drive

  • Winter Wear Giveaway

Her motto: All things are possible! The sky is the limit!

Favorite quote: "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping [him] them up." --Jesse Jackson