Neva Branch

Niesha has been amazing to collaborate with through the process of publishing my book and helping to make it a success once it was released. She has also assisted me in the marketing of several other products and services I offer in my business.

Niesha takes time to learn about your vision and then markets your product/service in a way that peaks the interest of the public—eventually leading to a spike in sales. The public is able to see the value in what I’m offering, because she knows how to reach the hearts of many. Her expertise and skills have helped turn what once was a challenge for me, into an opportunity to generate more revenue in my business.

I am in my 4th year in business, and I am truly grateful to have had a valuable resource such as Mrs. McMillian in my journey. Not only has she successfully marketed my business, she has also empowered me to tap into my own marketing skills. Her strengths of creativity, wisdom, and determination will guarantee that you see results in whatever it is you are pursuing. YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!!

Neva B.

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Founder of My Path to Peace

Life After Death: Memoirs of a Bereaved Mother Who Turned Her PAIN Into PURPOSE

Dedrick Williams

From books, to clothes, to managerial work, I’ve tried doing it all alone. What seemed to work just fine always missed something and Niesha was that missing piece. The structure that I needed to properly market my brand and efficiently boost my sales. I will forever be grateful for her!





Life Sentence


Having an independent business that sells all handmade/homemade products such as body scrubs, soaks, candles, and handmade jewelry became to get a little stressful. After speaking with Niesha she was able to help market my products which increased my brand tremendously. With her help I was actually able to make extra income to support my family instead of it being just a hobby or dream. She gave me hope in my business and I am so thankful for all the help she provided to turn my dreams into reality.